Music Lessons

Music Lessons in Wetumpka, Alabama

Guitar, piano, drums, voice, ukulele, music theory tutoring
In-person piano lessons in Wetumpka

Our students love their in-person lessons! Most of our lessons take place in Wetumpka, Alabama. In addition, we go to Montgomery at least one day per week to teach students in-studio. Anyone can learn with us! Children, teens adults, beginners, and advanced performers- music is for everyone with a desire to learn!

What do Suncho School of Music students think of their lessons? Read our Google reviews to find out! 

Why take lessons with us as opposed to self-teaching?
  • Personalized, real-time feedback
  • Accountability and motivation to practice consistently
  • Personalized instruction catered to your interests
  • Right balance of full length songs, music theory, and technique
  • More fun and better learning!
Online Music Lessons
Siblings taking online guitar and voice lessons together

This is our newest offering, and it has been so much fun connecting with new students from across the country! We provide online music lessons, group guitar classes for kids, and affordable online music courses. Please click this link to read about our online learning options: Online Music Lessons 

Charter School Partners

Furthermore, we are proud to be vendors with several charter schools. We are currently partnered with Gorman Learning Center, iLead Exploration, Blue Ridge Academy, and Inspire Charter Network. If you are a charter school family and want to take lessons with us, simply let us know which school you are working with. Then, we will get in touch with them to register as service providers.

FREE Download: Beginner Guitar Lesson Packet

Get a taste of our guitar lessons by downloading this free packet of basic guitar drills. This goes over the first few topics we cover in guitar lessons: how to read guitar tabs and scale charts, how to play simple riffs from popular songs, and how to navigate the fretboard and play your first scales using all 6 strings. Download this freebie now!

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