Weekly Private Lessons | Group Classes | Single Sessions

Rates shown are for lessons at our studio or online.

We are approved vendors for charter schools iLead, Gorman Learning Center, and Inspire Charter. If you are enrolled in another charter school, you can always request for us to be added to their vendor list.

We also offer package discounts of 10-15% off for students paying for 3-4 months of lessons upfront. The larger the package, the larger the discount.

Semi-private lessons (2-3 students taking their lessons at the same time) will be billed at 10% higher than the private lesson rate.

Weekly Private Lessons

Weekly ongoing private lessons are the best way to improve quickly and consistently. Most of our sessions are 45 minutes, but we recommend 30 minute lessons for young children and 60 minute sessions for more advanced levels or students who want to study multiple instruments. If you are unsure which lesson length is right for you, feel free to reach out to us.

Studio or Online Lessons Pricing:

30 min/wk – $100/mo (equal to $25/lesson)
45 min/wk – $140/mo (equal to $35/lesson)
60 min/wk – $180/mo (equal to $45/lesson)

*Rates shown for monthly billing reflect an average of 4 lessons per month. For biweekly sessions, cut the monthly rate in half. Payment is due at the beginning of the month.

Single Sessions

We have the option of purchasing lessons one at a time. Single sessions are a great way to try out our lessons without needing to make a monthly commitment right away. They are also useful for specific short-term goals, such as preparing for an audition or performance. Single session rates are a dollar per minute:

30 min/single – $30
45 min/single – $45
60 min/single – $60

Group Classes

We offer group classes on Guitar and Drums in partnership with Los Angeles Parks and Recreation. Levels range from from beginner to intermediate, and there are sessions for children 8 and over and for adults 18 and over. The upcoming winter term will begin in March, and all classes will take place online via Zoom. Register at the following link: