Harmony Healing

Music for Mental Wellness
Reduce stress, boost confidence, and improve mental health through the healing power of MUSIC!

When YOU or your CHILD have chronic stress, anxiety, depression, emotional struggles, or a neurodivergent condition like ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia, Harmony Healing is a FUN way to improve mental wellness through music!

Thrive With Music in Your Life!

Science has proven that playing instruments or singing boosts brain development and mental health at all ages. Lilia Bogoeva is the only music instructor in Alabama with Harmony Healing– our signature mental wellness program built on music therapy and mind-body connection!

Benefits of the Harmony Healing Program:
– Stress relief
– Emotional intelligence
– BRAIN POWER for kids & adults of all ages
– Creativity and fulfillment
– Manage symptoms of ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia
– Impulse control
– Communication and social skills
– Self-respect
– Heal from depression or trauma

Available in-person and online!

EMPOWER your mind, body, and soul through MUSIC!

Harmony Healing is the most powerful way to improve mental and physical wellness through music. And you do NOT need musical experience! Music therapy and sound healing is for anyone who enjoys listening to music and likes the idea of self-improvement through creative arts. Instructor Lilia is nationally certified in both music education and psychology!

With our Harmony Healing music therapy program, you will:

  • Find your passions and use them for self-empowerment and healing
  • Build mind-body awareness by incorporating breathwork, posture, and simple movement
  • Channel neurodivergent traits and emotional intensity into fulfilling creative outlets
  • Use your voice with confidence in speaking, singing, and social situations
  • Build a strong, healthy relationship with yourself!

How Harmony Healing Sessions Flow

The 5 main activities that help us improve mental health through music:

1. Meaningful Music: We find songs that mean something to you and talk about how you relate to the music and lyrics. Use song lyrics as a guide to learn more about yourself, feel validated, and express thoughts and feelings that are hard to name.

2. Guided songwriting and poetry: As a professional songwriter, I walk you through the creative process of writing song lyrics. Then I guide you through writing music or poetry of your own, which helps you become more self-aware and better at expressing yourself.

3. Mind-Body Awareness: Music is a mind-body empowerment experience which involves physical and mental actions. So we practice mind-body awareness exercises such as deep breathing, somatic healing, posture, coordination, and moving to music, which also builds body confidence!

4. Discover Your VOICE: The basics of vocal technique help anyone become a more confident communicator, even if you don’t plan to become a singer. Great for singers, actors, public speakers, and anyone who gets anxiety about talking to other people. Use your voice with confidence in any situation!

5. Find your SPARK: Once we build a foundation, we discover what instrument, singing, and style of music makes the best outlet to support your mental well-being. You will learn to play/sing your favorite songs with confidence.

These 5 activities flow in an ONGOING CYCLE so you can always thrive with music in your life!

Instructor Lilia: Blending Passion & Expertise

Instructor Lilia Bogoeva

Hi, I’m Lilia Bogoeva, and I will be teaching your Harmony Healing sessions!

I am an expert at blending elements of music therapy and body awareness with the songs you love! I got into music because it helped me work through my own experiences of chronic stress, anxiety, body image issues, and major depression. So I’m on a mission to share the healing power of music with the world!

I have a university degree from California Institute of the Arts, and I am certified as a trauma-informed emotional healing coach from the Aura Institute, where I learned from some of the best somatic therapists in the USA about holistic approaches to mental health.

That is why I’m great at collaborating with other professionals to understand exactly how music can help you thrive. Since 2011, I’ve helped neurodiverse children and adults learn music, dance, theater, and creative writing. My favorite part is helping students build confidence in all areas of life!

How It Works

  • The Harmony Healing therapeutic music program is a great supplement to your mental wellness plan, but we don’t necessarily intend for it to replace mental health counseling or medical advice altogether.
  • Your instructor will also take time to research your condition, get notes from your primary mental health professional (if applicable) and keep fine-tuning our plan to improve your physical and mental wellness through music.

    RATES: A sliding scale depending on your specific needs and how often you meet your instructor. We offer up to two FREE consultation sessions to get to know each other and create the ideal plan to help you reach your goals.
  • Local residents of Wetumpka, Montgomery, and the Alabama river Region: Sliding scale from $75-100 per hour session
  • Online students in other regions: Sliding scale of $97-125 per hour session

    Scheduling Options for Harmony Healing Music Sessions
  • Option 1: Meet once per week on a day and time of your choosing
  • Option 2: Meet once every 2 weeks
  • Option 3: Create a 3-6 month coaching plan