Suncho School of Music

piano music lessons for kids
Lilia teaching an enthusiastic piano student

Learn with passionate and dedicated music teachers! We teach kids, teens, and adults. We provide in-person music lessons in Wetumpka, Alabama and also teach music online to anyone in the country. What you can learn from us:

  • guitar
  • piano
  • drums
  • voice
  • ukulele
  • songwriting
  • music theory tutoring
In-Person Music Lessons

If you live near Wetumpka or Montgomery in Alabama and feel comfortable meeting now, we would love to teach you in-person!

We can teach students from:  Wetumpka, Montgomery,  Pike Road, Eclectic, Millbrook, Elmore, and Tallassee. 

To keep everyone safe and healthy, we thoroughly clean the area. For example, we sanitize surfaces such as pianos, doorknobs, and guitar amps between students. In addition, we are observing general safety guidelines, so you can feel safe having your in-person music lessons in Wetumpka Alabama! 

Active in Our Local Central Alabama Community

We are proud to participate in live arts, education, and entertainment festivals in our local community with organizations such as the Kelly Art Gallery, Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Artists, and more! Coming to a live showcase would be a perfect opportunity to meet us in-person and chat about the lessons so you can make sure it’s a great fit. Furthermore, we offer special event-only only deals! 

Online Music Lessons
Online lesson
Learning a new song in our online guitar class.

If you are not local to Wetumpka Alabama, you can still take lessons with us online. Our online music lessons include a free trial class!

We bring the same quality of instruction to our students learning virtually. We have had a wonderful time meeting online students from different states, and we will continue providing online private music lessons and group guitar classes permanently. So far, our students come from the East Coast, Midwest, and California, and we’d love to welcome online students from all around the US! Furthermore, if you live in Alabama, you can begin with online lessons then take in-person lessons later on. Learn more about our online music lessons.

What Makes our Music Lessons Great 

Online guitar lessons music book
Suncho Music Guitar Lesson Book
  • Students First: Since they are the ones taking on the challenge of learning, we do everything we can to ensure their experience is fun, educational, and fulfilling.
  • Direct Communication: You will be working directly with your teacher on

booking, scheduling, and billing, which means communication will be clear and efficient. No more confusing contradictions (i.e. the receptionist said one thing, the manager said another, and the teacher said another). Simply contact your teacher and he/she will answer your questions quickly and clearly.

  • Customized Curriculum: At Suncho Music, we created a customized lesson book for guitar, and we will soon create books for piano! No more boring books that burn you out on theory without teaching real songs. Our curriculum has students playing popular songs quickly! This lesson book strikes the right balance between songs, technical drills, and relevant music theory. Furthermore, we encourage students to tell us what songs they want to play and help them learn their favorite music.
  • Dedication: As professional musicians and teachers, we work exclusively with music and are constantly improving our craft. You will not be learning from amateurs who teach on the side. Rather, you will be working with committed professionals and getting the best musical education.

Now contact us to book your free 20-minute trial lesson! 

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