Suncho School of Music

Learn music from your home or at our studio!

We help students of all ages and experience levels express themselves through music. We provide affordable private lessons, group classes, and monthly workshops in Montgomery, Alabama in these subjects:

  • piano
  • guitar
  • drums
  • voice
  • ukulele
  • songwriting

Our lessons can take place in our studio, at the student’s home, or online. Online lessons are an excellent way to stay productive and fight boredom while most states are still under partial quarantine. Anyone, anywhere can learn with us online! We have a handful of online students in the East Coast, Midwest, and Northern California. You also have the option to begin with online lessons then move to in-person lessons later on if you are local.

If you feel comfortable meeting in our studio now, we would love to have you come to our studio for lessons! To keep everyone safe and healthy, we are thoroughly cleaning the studio, sanitizing surfaces such as pianos, music stands, chairs, doorknobs, guitar amps, and other shared equipment, and we are observing general safety guidelines.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Students First: Since they are the ones taking on the challenge of learning, we do everything we can to ensure their experience is fun, educational, and fulfilling.
  • Direct Communication: You will be working directly with your teacher on
    Suncho Guitar Lesson Book

    booking, scheduling, and billing, which means communication will be clear and efficient. No more confusing contradictions (i.e. the receptionist said one thing, the manager said another, and the teacher said another). Simply contact your teacher and he/she will answer your questions quickly and clearly.

  • Customized Curriculum: At Suncho, we created a customized lesson book for guitar, and we will soon create books for piano! No more boring lesson books that burn you out on theory without teaching real songs. Our curriculum has students playing popular songs quickly, and balances out songs with technical drills and the right amount of music theory that is relevant to their playing.
  • Dedication: As professional musicians and teachers, we work exclusively with music and are constantly investing our time and effort into improving our craft. Suncho offers top-of-the line service in music education, from concise communication to personalized lesson plans. You will not be working with amateurs who are simply teaching on the side, you will be working with committed professionals dedicated to providing the best music lessons.

Performance Opportunities

We offer twice annual recitals for out students and can assist advanced students in

Great job at the recital!

obtaining gigs of their own at local venues for more performance experience. We also participate in casual, family-oriented events throughout the city, such as arts festivals and charity events, and we even took part in the 2019 4th of July Parade!

Suncho School of Music is all about guiding each student to develop his or her individual artistic identity and become a unique, creative, and well-rounded musician.


We now offer academic tutoring in addition to music lessons, so your family can conveniently schedule music and tutoring back-to-back. Visit our Academic Tutoring page for details on this new offering!