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We have always had online lessons as an option, but now we are expanding our repertoire of online offerings. We are happy to help everyone stay safe at home, while enjoying a fun, productive hobby. We love to provide our lesson services to everyone in the USA, not just in our home town! Whether you already have experience or are just starting out, we have many options for you to learn music from home.

Option 1: Interactive Video Lessons

My daughter loves taking guitar online with Lilia, and feels Lilia is very pleasant, cool, and patient. Lilia is the first woman instructor my daughter has had and she took a liking to her teaching style immediately. ~Martin, parent of online student

The same experience as a private lesson, but online! Here, you would be interacting with your teacher in real-time on an online video chat platform. Skype and Zoom are our preferred platforms. Some of our students have been taking in-person lessons and are temporarily going online, while other have been taking their lessons exclusively online for a long time.


I have been taking lessons with Bruno for 2 years, and even though we’ve switched to online recently, it’s still just as fun! ~Bennet, drum student

Rates are for once a week/4 times per month:

30 min: $100/mo

45 min: $140/mo

60 min: $180/mo

Option 2: Custom Weekly Lesson Videos

A very low-cost and flexible option, because our custom lesson videos do not require the student and teacher to set up a reoccurring weekly schedule. Rather, as a student, you can complete your weekly lesson assignment any time you want. And at only $50/month, it’s super affordable! Here’s how it works:

1. Every week, you teacher will send you an assignment describing what to practice, along with demonstration videos of how to practice this assignment.

2. Complete the assignment any time within that week. Film yourself practicing the assignment and send your teacher your practice video. You can also ask the teacher questions or request to learn a new song.

3. Your teacher will watch your practice video and send you feedback. Then you will get a new assignment for the week, and the cycle repeats.

Benefits of this program:

Get personalized feedback on your weekly practicing.
  • 100% flexible: You can complete the assignment and submit your practice videos any time you want, no need to set up a weekly lesson appointment. Learn in the niches of your free time: perfect for a busy or fluctuating schedule.
  • Personalized Feedback: Sure, there are thousands of free online videos and low-cost smartphone apps, but none of those give you any specific feedback so to help you improve. We will give you that feedback, so you don’t have to sit and wonder, “Am I doing this right?” You can also ask specific questions, such as “Why do I get a buzzy sound when I play guitar chords?” and your teacher will provide a clear and concise answer to help YOU improve.
  • Great for any age: Most online videos and apps are catered to teens and adults, so the explanations are too complex for a young child. Since our program is customized, it can work for students of all ages and backgrounds. For example, if your child wants to learn a rock song such as “Iron Man,” but the song is too difficult for his/her level, we can demonstrate a simplified version so your children can play their favorite songs without frustration.
  • Affordable: Our rate for this service is only $50/month! That’s the lowest cost you’ll find for customized music instruction!

Get Started: Send us an email at, or in the Contact page of this website.

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