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Learn Guitar, Piano, Voice, Drums, Ukulele, and Music Theory Online 

We have been teaching online music lessons since 2018, and we have greatly expanded our online offerings. Since online learning became popular in 2020, we have been so happy to help everyone enjoy a fun, productive hobby no matter where they live! We have taught online music students from all over the USA, Canada, UK, and South America. Whether you already have experience or are just starting out, we have many options for you to learn music from home.

Online Private Music Lessons

My daughter loves taking guitar online with Lilia, and feels Lilia is very pleasant, cool, and patient. Lilia is the first woman instructor my daughter has had and she took a liking to her teaching style immediately. ~Martin, parent of online student

The same experience as a private lesson, but you can learn any time, anywhere! Interact with your teacher in real-time on an online video chat platform. Skype and Zoom are our preferred platforms. Some of our students have been taking in-person lessons and are temporarily going online, while other have been taking their lessons exclusively online for a long time.

Why You Should Learn Music Online

Online drum lesson, Suncho School of Music
I have been taking lessons with Bruno for 2 years, and even though we’ve switched to online recently, it is still just as fun! ~Bennet, drum student

Excellent Instruction: We give our online students the same highly-rated instruction we give at the studio. That’s why many of our students wanted to continue online lessons even after stay home orders ended. They love the experience! We are great at making sure you can always see our hands and hear us clearly. We will also help coach your camera, so you can make sure that we can see and hear you as well.¬†

Best of Both Worlds: Learn from home, but without the high cost that’s associated with hiring a teacher to travel to your house. In the past, if you wanted to save time by not needing to drive to a studio, you would need to pay for a teacher to come to your house, which usually runs at a much higher cost than studio lessons. By taking online lessons, you can have convenience at an affordable price.

Specialty Programs you won’t find elsewhere: We provide the rare opportunity to get therapeutic music lessons to compliment your overall mental health plan, or premium career coaching for aspiring professional musicians. Get in touch to explore your options with us!

See it for yourself:

Watch this video for an example of online guitar lessons!

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