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Private Lessons

We provide private lessons in the Montgomery, Alabama area for children, teens and adults in the

Brennan learning how to play Beatles music on the piano at the studio.

following instruments: piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, and voice, as well as specific skills such as music theory and ear training. Our lessons achieve a perfect balance of technique and full-length songs, and musical theory. We always ask our students about their goals and interests and keep the lessons relevant to those goals. We also look at each student’s personality and interests, so we can teach in a way that matches their learning style.

All private students can perform in our recitals. Performing in recitals is voluntary, but we encourage all students, even beginners, to participate and experience the excitements of performing live!

You can also sign up for lessons in songwriting, ear training, and music theory. These are great for musicians who are already proficient on one or more instruments and want to take their musicianship to the next level. Gain a well-rounded knowledge of the art and science of music and learn how to turn ideas into finished songs!

Online Music Lessons

Ashley, a student from the East Coast, learning her favorite rock songs on guitar. 

This is our newest offering and it has been tons of fun connecting with new students  from across the country! It has also been great continuing with our existing students at the time most of us are still spending extra time at home. We have many options in this category to fit any budget or location, so please click this link to read about our different options for distance learning: Online Music Lessons 

Group Classes

animals band
All species welcome!

Guitar: Learn to play popular rock, pop, and folk songs with our custom guitar songbook. Unlike other group classes that just teach chords and notes out of a generic lesson book, our class teaches you real, full-length songs that you can perform for friends and family, out of a guitar lesson book that Lilia and Bruno personally put together for our students.

  • Day & Time: Mondays from 5:00-6:00
  • Ages: 8-16
  • Length: 10 Weeks
  • Location: Online

*Registration: group classes are held in collaboration with the City of Santa Clarita and can also be found in the spring edition of the Seasons brochure. Please register through the city by following this link:

Drum Lesson#1
Learning new jams in Drums class
  • Drums of All Styles: Learn to play different styles of music on the drums, including rock, pop, jazz, blues, and folk. Open to all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Drum set will be provided at the facility.
  • Day & Time: Wednesdays from 5:00-6:00
  • Ages 12 & up.
  • Length: 12 weeks
  • Location: Online

*Registration: Please click this link and register for “Drums of All Styles”