Five Ways Music Lessons Help Children Excel in School

Music Empowers the Mind!

In a nutshell, music lessons help children excel in school by helping them balance the logical left brain and creative right brain while also developing practical skills of discipline, time management, and self- expression. University studies have confirmed this connection in hundreds of peer-reviewed research studies! Read on to learn all about how learning music can help your child ace this school year!

1. Music Builds Mathematical Skills: Music education involves various cognitive processes such as pattern recognition, memory, attention, and problem-solving. All of those skills help children excel in MATH and all other subjects in school!

The prestigious University of Southern California agrees 100% that music helps children excel in school, and there is a very close relationship between music theory and mathematical reasoning:
“Mathematics and music may seem like disparate worlds, but they share a profound, symbiotic relationship that stretches back centuries. Math is woven into the very essence of the art form, from the way we organize musical scales to the physics that dictates an instrument’s sound. Learning one may even enhance one’s ability to master the other,” explains staff writer Margaret Crable in this enlightening article based on decades of university research.

2. Memory and Recall: Memorizing songs enhances a child’s memory and recall abilities, so they can start scoring higher on tests without needing to study longer hours. We have also seen music lessons help our older adult students maintain good memory and independence!

3. Creativity and Problem-Solving: Music teaches children how to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to problems.
Memorization alone is not enough. Students today need to develop deep critical thinking skills and be able to combine logical and creative thinking to excel in school assignments such as research reports, essays, literary analysis, science fairs, and long-term projects.

The creative problem-solving we learned from music is why myself and co-owner Bruno love business, and why Suncho Music School survived the pandemic era with flying colors! 😉

If this still isn’t enough proof of how music lessons help children excel in school, then read on to learn even more!….

4. Listening Skills: Music sharpens a child’s ability to listen carefully- Parents, read that again! “Sharpens a child’s ability to listen carefully”– talk about music to your ears! 🎵

In school, listening carefully to details of the human voice will help children learn more effectively during class time when the teacher lectures. The better students get at listening during class, the less they need to burn themselves out with exhausting study hours at home. Careful listening to the voice is a skill kids develop through music, especially singing lessons.

5. Discipline and Time Management: I, teacher Lilia, never needed to pull an all-nighter to finish a report or cram for a test.  Not even once. And that’s because the combination of music and sports taught me this winning formula:

consistent work + self-discipline + focused effort + self-care =
high-quality results without sacrificing sleep!

And those 5 reasons are barely scratching the surface of just how much music lessons help children excel in school! Next month I’ll teach you even more on the relationship between music lessons and academic achievement, with emphasis on language and socialization.
Wow, that’s so cool! Now how do I get started?…

Get in touch! How much music benefits a child depends on factors such as the quality of music education, the child’s interest, and parental support.
Which is why Suncho School of Music teachers are proud to teach guitar, piano, voice, and drums to all ages!

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