Weekly Lessons | 10-Session Bundles | Therapeutic Music Lessons

Affordable music lessons with an excellent value! Here is what’s included: 

  • Weekly, reoccurring schedule. Your time is reserved each week, so you won’t need to call your teacher every single week to find out when to meet.
  • Flexibility: Reschedule lessons or change your weekly time slot if you need.
  • Fun guaranteed! Everyone learns the basics, but you can tell your instructor what kind of music you enjoy and what songs you want to play. We customize to your goals!
  • Practice Assignments for days that you don’t meet with your teacher
  • Options to fit every schedule and budget.
  • Performance opportunities around the Alabama River Region.

Weekly Private Lessons

Weekly private lessons are the best way to improve quickly and consistently. 


Contact us to discuss which lesson length is best for your needs. 

30 min lessons– $120/month ($30/lesson)
45 min lessons – $160/month ($40/lesson)
60 min lessons– $210/month ($52.50/lesson)

10-Lesson Bundles

Another way to get affordable music lessons in your area is a 10-session bundle. This is a great option for people with fluctuating schedules, and allows you to save money compared to booking lessons at the single session rate. Rates for lesson bundles are similar to the rates for monthly billing:

Bundle of 10 lessons at 30 minutes: $300 

Bundle of 10 lessons at 45 minutes: $400 

Bundle of 10 lessons at 60 minutes: $525

Therapeutic Music Lessons

Therapeutic music is a unique program where we add elements of music therapy and mind-body awareness within the music lessons. Designed supplement your overall mental wellness plan. Perfect for children with ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia, or adults with chronic stress. Thrive in school, career, and personal life with the power of music!
Read about it HERE if you have not already.

Lilia, therapeutic music instructor
  • Local residents of Wetumpka, Montgomery, and the rest of the Alabama river Region areas: sliding scale from $75-125 per hour session
  • Online students in other regions: sliding scale of $97-150 per hour session
  • Available for weekly or biweekly lesson schedules or create a 10-session coaching plan to reach your goals.
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