About Our Teachers

Suncho School of Music is a music lessons studio located in Santa Clarita, CA. We began in early 2017, when music teachers Lilia Bogoeva and Bruno Parente realized the need for a music studio that encourages students not only to play music, but to discover who they are as artists and explore new creative avenues. They decided to team up to make that vision a reality. Suncho offers lessons in many different instruments:

  • acoustic or electric guitar
  • piano
  • drums
  • voice
  • ukulele
  • songwriting and composition
  • Music theory tutoring
Bruno and Lilia playing live with their band Karkaza

Our talented instructors, Lilia and Bruno, are experienced teachers and active professional musicians. Bruno has been playing drums and guitar for 15 years in all genres, from rock, to reggae, jazz, and pop. He teaches both instruments to all ages and levels. He has toured and recorded with many different groups in Europe and the United States, and continues to write new music. In addition to professional experience, Bruno also has an impressive education, with a degree in Music and Business Administration from Coimbra University.

Lilia is a highly well-rounded musician who teaches guitar, piano, and voice. This graduate of California Institute of the Arts is highly knowledgeable about musical theory and composition and enjoys learning as much as possible about music. She enjoys explores every style of music, from the most famous classical works, to the most obscure experimental music, to the popular songs from rock, pop, jazz, and even world music from different cultures. She has performed all her life and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience.

Since 2016, Lilia and Bruno have been teaching students and performing together in the band Karkaza. Check out the band’s music, merchandise, and performance dates at www.Karkaza.com

We emphasize teaching proper technique, rhythmic accuracy, music theory, and artistic expression. Beyond experience and technical expertise, we have a genuine love of helping people and being a source of inspiration for aspiring artists.